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Written by Hannah King

Maleeh Molstad was born October 22, 1972 in Flint, Michigan.  She lived with her mother, Maryam, who was an opera singer, teacher and gymnast.  Born in Iran, she became a U.S. citizen in the early 1970’s.  Her father, Richard, a talented artist and veteran was born and raised in the small town of Flushing, Michigan. And her younger sister Emily, also born in Flint, Michigan.

She attended Civic Park Elementary where she wrote a poem titled, Me and My Shadow, for her 3rd grade writing contest. Maleeh won 1st place and had her poem published in the 3 R’s magazine. One of her fondest memories was driving to the radio station WFBE/ FM95 with her principal to recite her poem live on air at the station.

Maleeh’s parents separated and she moved from Michigan with her mother and younger sister. She spent most of her young adult life in Arizona. She attended Sunnyslope High School for her Freshman and Sophomore year. And attended Barry Goldwater High School for her Junior year. It was in Arizona where Maleeh began to appreciate the majestic colors of beautiful sunsets, and mountainous landscapes.

Maleeh’s mother relocated the family to California to start her own successful business as an independent insurance agent and financial planner. Maleeh attended Hoover High School in Glendale, California for her senior year. It was at this time of her life she began to understand how to work with change and how to develop a strong work ethic, which she credits to her mother. Maleeh started her first job at a frozen yogurt shop on Brand Boulevard in Glendale, Ca. She also worked as an extra in movies and television.

Continuing her higher education at Pasadena Community College, she then transferred to Merit College in Van Nuys, Ca., where she studied court reporting. During this time of her life she traveled frequently to the mountains of Big Bear, Ca and that is where she met the father of her children and decided to raise a family.The big move was made to Reno, Nevada. In Reno, Maleeh raised her daughters and worked full time managing a nonprofit organization that helped teach adults with disabilities how to develop the necessary skills for success in the workplace. She enjoyed the beauty of Reno, and would often visit Lake Tahoe and Virginia City (home to Mark Twain) for inspiration in her writings. It was several years later that Maleeh decided to move back to Los Angeles, California with her two daughters and she continued to write and would then publish her 1st poetry book, Sun Kissed Moon.


Two of Maleeh’s favorite books are The Giving Tree and Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. She credits these books along with her two daughters Hannah and Lilah and her nephew, Kelii, as being her inspiration for the poetry in Sun Kissed Moon. Maleeh has always had a passion for writing with an emphasis on imagery. It is important to her that her writing can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages.

Into the Golden Hour is Maleeh Molstad’s 2nd published poetry book and is illustrated by her daughter, Lilah King. It was inspired by the beauty and peacefulness of nature, the wonders of outer space, and by her understanding that through change and preserving anyone can create a new perception on life.

Maleeh Molstad currently resides in Quartz Hill, California. Where she continues to write and become inspired by the mountains and the open sky.